Ensure that your business is running smoothly with this efficient POS system

The TPV 123 Hospitality POS is a point-of-sale software system that allows you to organise your hospitality business with precision.

If you are managing a business with a cash register and a significant amount of stock then a good POS system is essential. The TPV 123 Hospitality system was created for use in bars, cafes and restaurants. It allows you to organise your stock based on what it is that you sell, or what is consumed on your premise. You can see the orders that you have sent to suppliers from the past four weeks so that you can quickly and easily generate a new order based on what was previously purchased.

Once you have entered all the necessary products from your business into the TPV 123 Hospitality program you can set it up so that it records daily sales. This offers you a fool proof way of keeping an eye on your sales, stock and reduces your business’ shrinkage.

Anyone that has used a POS system before will know what a nuisance it is if the computer crashes. POS record vital data for the running of a business so losing any data can be detrimental to your bar or restaurant. Thankfully the TPV 123 Hospitality application offers you a facility to back-up your system onto an external drive. Remember to back up your system daily, add this process into your daily routine and should there be a problem the furthest you’ll be set back is 24 hours.

The TPV 123 Hospitality is a modern and efficient POS system that allows you to keep a record on your sales and stock so that you can give more time to being a fantastic host!


• Helps run business efficiently
• Reduces shrinkage
• Record your stock
• External back up


• Free demo version, limited features, ie only a max of 250 products can be listed.
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Type Freeware

Version 3.9.2

Size 27.42 MB

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