Run an efficient business and keep your customers smiling with CRM-Express Standard


  • Sync customer data with staff
  • Ensure top customer service


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CRM-Express Standard offers an attractive way to manage customer relations from the comfort of your computer. This is a customer relationship management program that helps you to improve your business by offering an impressive range of useful features.

If you are running a business trying to keep on top of your client base can be exacerbating. With a huge list of important customers it can feel impossible to remember their names never mind their companies or upcoming events! This is where CRM-Express Standard comes in, this software offers a number of automated and linking features that make promotion and marketing as well as customer relations a lot easier.

This software works by simply synching client information with a range of computers or laptops. You can share contacts, tasks, orders, campaigns, appointments etc with this convenient system.

CRM-Express Standard includes a clever feature that automatically informs you and your staff to follow up on important business leads by using email or making a phone call etc. Depending on your business type you can use this program to ensure that marketing campaigns are targeting the correct audiences. This could save you and your staff hours of time because it does the research for you based on the client base you have already established.

CRM-Express Standard now works with flash drives so all your vital customer information can be accessed externally and, most importantly, be backed up quickly.

The core mantra of every retail and sales outlet is ‘the customer is always right’ and by using this system you can ensure that the customer is also well-informed and happy. CRM-Express Standard is basically a virtual schmoozing software that allows you to gain and retain customers without the wining and dining!

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Version 2013.9.1

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