A good app that teaches you basic drawing skills by guiding you through the process


  • Guides you through basic drawing tutorials
  • Encourages the use of technical drawing in the process


  • For beginners or those wishing to improve their cartoonist hand

How to Draw is an application that guides you through the steps to perfect drawing.

The focus of the app is catered more specifically at teaching you How to Draw comic-like characters and shapes and avoids becoming overly complex at all costs. This makes it a great application for children as well as adults who wish to broaden their spectrum of abilities.

There are great drawing tutorials that you can follow on paper with pencil, or through the applications built-in art-board.  Users will find that they become better at drawing after following the drawing processes of a few lessons.

The method to drawing promoted in this application is that which has been used for years and years. The app very much encourages the use of lines and mathematical perspective as a key part of the drawing process. Starting out with points and lines, you quickly learn that drawing can be an easier thing to get right than you once figured.

You should definitely download How to Draw if one of the things you would love to be better at is drawing. 

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Type Freeware

Version 3.6

Size 15.96 MB

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