Type, listen and learn with the useful eSpeak.


  • Clear text reader
  • Open source
  • Supports many languages


  • Languages need improving


eSpeak is an important piece of software that translates text from your computer into speech.

Scrolling and reading down through computer screens for hours on end can be damaging for your eyesight and also can become tedious and boring. Espeak is an open sourced program that reads text aloud and can also be used to record readings.

This application provides a clear coherent voice, so that it can be easily understood. If the sound of the voice isn't to your liking you can play around with the voice characteristics in the program, so you can enable a voice that you find the easiest to listen to.

If you would like to send an audio file of a reading produced by eSpeak this is easily done, the program produces the readings as WAV files so they can be played on most media players.

As this is an open source program it relies on you and other users to enhance and improve its features. Along with its basic reading function the program can be used to convert text to phoeneme codes. So these can be used in other speech synthesizers or else you can get a clear reading of the pitch information of the files. These elements may appeal to the computer programmer or advanced users but to everyone else this feature is more than likely irrelevant.

The open source nature of the program is an excellent idea when it comes to languages. Espeak currently supports a large range of languages but it is constantly available for improvement and corrections. The developers encourage native speakers to point out and change any wrong or misleading pronunciations that the computerized voice may make.

If you want to give your wearied eyes a rest from reading text heavy articles on your computer eSpeak is an excellent program for reading them out to you. As it is open source it is also of great interest to those into coding.


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Type Freeware

Version 1.47.11

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