Steam Community


Keep up to speed with your fellow gamers no matter where you are when you use Steam Community


  • Partake in Steam online on your mobile device
  • Chat and interact with friends
  • Purchase games


  • Lacks some of the features that desktop version has i.e. can’t see your own games list

Steam Community is a social application for your Android device that allows you to participate in the vibrant online gaming site.

In case you’ve managed to live your life without hearing about the wondrous Steam, it is an online games platform where you can download all your favourite PC games and game related content. Steam has an active social community who use the forums and message boards to discuss the ins and outs of games and gaming news. The Steam Community app allows you to keep up to date with your gaming friends, purchase games, see what’s being released and chat on the move.

If you are an avid gamer who is insistent on knowing all about the latest releases or you spend all your days reading game reviews and all your spare pennies are saved for your favourite games, then this app may prove vital. Launch the app, log in and you are presented with a list of all your Steam friends, you can see what they are purchasing and playing by checking their activity. The Steam Community is a wonderfully sociable place for all PC gamers!

Although the app does present you with a cool interactive interface there are some features that users of the desktop app will miss. For example the Steam Community app does not allow you to see the list of games you have purchased, or your list of achievements.

Besides this notable absence this app is sociable, easy and fun to use and perfect for gamers who like to keep in the loop!

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Type Freeware

Version 1.0.6

Size 684.65 kB

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