Perfect Office Icons


Customize and enhance your desktop icons with Perfect Office Icons


  • Customize icons
  • Each icon collection includes 5 icons of varying size.
  • Compatible with popular image formats


  • Limited choice of style.

Perfect Office Icons is a program for altering the icons for your office applications.

This program contains a varied selection of attractive, rounded and royalty free icons. Essentially Perfect Office Icons is for anyone out there that is creating text editors, partaking in an online collaborative project. The addition of these interesting and unobtrusive icons can add a flare to your work while retaining formality and elegance.

Each office icon supplied by Perfect Office Icons comes in a set of five with different resolutions. The application supports the most frequently used image formats, including ICO, BMP, GIF and PNG. This ensures that the icons are of the highest possible quality making your work appear as professional as possible.

The programs that Perfect Office Icons supplies icons for Word, Preview, Restrictions, Digital Signature, Cross reference, Page break, Clipart etc.

Perfect Office Icons isn’t exclusively for those that are developing software, this is a handy and attractive icon pack that anyone that wants to gussy up their desktop should want to get a hold of!

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Version 2013.1

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