K-Lite Codec Pack Update


K-Lite Codec Pack Update

Not alot of people are aware of the importance of these tiny components called Codecs. Insignificant as the may seem, considering their size, missing or having the wrong codec for a particular hardware or driver can have an adverse effect to your system. Not only will it not be able to play video or audio files, it could also cause frequent crashing, lagging and hanging to your system.
K-Lite Codec Pack contains all the codecs you need to be able to play media files. It’s not only flexible, it’s also very easy to use. It is designed for both novice and power users.
But one must also remember that codecs, like the other components of your PC system, needs updating as well. K-Lite Codec Pack Update keeps your KLCP regularly updated. No need to download updates manually for each codec (Imagine how tedious that would be).
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Type Freeware

Version 9.6.2

Size 8.59 MB

Other versions

9.6.2 7.2.7 6.9.0