WinUp is a software application that provides help in installing all the official patches of Microsoft Windows XP in one go. It is really a very useful application for those having a number of equipments connected to a PC or the network. With WinUp you simply have to execute the program in your PC with Windows XP and Service Pack 2 installed in it. The program detects all the equipment and network connections and installs all necessary patches automatically.
So, you don’t have to download patches one by one through Windows Update.
WinUp being a small tool can be carried on any mobile device that you can connect to a PC at any point of time conveniently. It is an essential tool for PC Technicians who often have to install Windows XP patches on a network or for updating / repairing a PC running on Windows XP.
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Type Freeware

Version 2.11

Size 116.58 kB

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