Crazy Minesweeper


Crazy Minesweeper

Crazy Minesweeper is another fantastic remake of a classic 2D game. With new and better graphics and a new main icon, this will surely make a following from both old and new fans of this game.
It has the same objective as its predecessor: Clear a neutral minefield without setting off landmines to win. Crazy Minesweeper comes with two modes: Crazy and Classic. Crazy Minesweeper has mines with different powers. Certain additions and modifications were done to improve game play. It has bigger player tables, playing statistics and other useful settings and features.
Fun and challenging, this game is guaranteed to cure the boredom of a swivel chair potato. Choose your strategy to clear the entire field and see who gets to beat the highest score.
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Type Shareware


Size 535.23 kB

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