Mess Patch

Sometimes, “fully featured” may not be a good thing. MSN Messenger is bundled with useful as well as redundant features you may want to remove.

Mess Patch gives you a solution for that. This MSN Messenger tweaker lets you customize your instant messenger application as well as add and remove features and buttons. It has five pre-set configurations you can choose from or you can customize your MSN messenger yourself. It enables polygamy (ability to open several sessions for MSN messenger), integrate features of Windows Media Player, set apart “Away from computer” and ”Idle” status message, allows multi-line nicknames, add sign-in status on the system tray, and a lot more.

Plus, it also lets you remove the MSN logo from the MSN messenger interface and turn your dashboard translucent.

Now you can “mess” with your MSN in any way you like with Mess Patch.
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Type Freeware

Version 8.5 Final

Size 237.82 kB

Other versions

8.5 Final 8.5.1288.816 - Generation 5