Soulseek is an innovative file transfer application, ideal to work with documents that are large or have a complex structure.

With this utility it is possible to exchange all sorts of files quickly and conveniently. Although its users generally prefer it for sharing music, the program also allows to transfer videos, text files, PDF files, compressed archives and executable files, among many others. Soulseek works through a central server in which all of its members send and receive contents according to the parameters set up by each one.

One of this tool’s main benefits is the security system it offers to the entire network. Soulseek ensures a process free of any type of threats, such as viruses, spyware, Trojans or malware. Thus there will be no risks when downloading documents to the computer; the utility will also protect personal data and each user’s confidential information.

Since it presents an extremely intuitive and functional interface, using Soulseek is very simple. Just specify the keywords in the powerful search engine and within seconds the program will show results that are practically exact. Also, when sharing, the application offers a transfer manager to handle all the important configurations from this panel.

In summary, it is an extremely complete application that shouldn’t be missing on the computer of anybody who likes good music and a fast and efficient work system.

• Powerful search engine
• Excellent security system
• Options to communicate with other users
• Wide range of options

• Presents some stability problems
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Type Freeware

Version 2013.7.8

Size 0.98 MB

Other versions

2013.7.8 1.57 NS 13e 1.57 NS 13c 1.57 Test 12b 1.57 Test 12