XoftSpy SE

XoftSpy SE is a tool with which you’ll be able to eliminate adware and spyware from your computer, in a fast and effective way.

It´s important to be careful while you browse the Internet, since it´s common to find misleading announcements and advertisements and dangerous sites that infect your computer with harmful programs. This compromises your information, private data, files and your computer’s performance. With XoftSpy SE you’ll be able to detect all of these threats and eliminate them immediately, to continue enjoying the Web without your computer having to pay the price.

Three ways to protect your computer with XoftSpy SE

XoftSpy SE presents three options to scan your computer. A complete scan will take longer than the others, but it´s also more detailed and in-depth. It will not only search the hard disk, but also the Windows Registry and temporary files, among other directories. You can carry out a complete analysis once a month, and in-between, carry out “quick scans” on the hard disk, to make sure your computer is protected. You also count with customized scanning options, in which you’ll choose which files and folders should be analyzed and which ones should be ignored.

If you don’t want to keep your computer busy with a scan while you use it (since this can affect its performance and speed), you can schedule future analyses, which are carried out with no need for supervision.

Although the analyses performed by XoftSpy SE are very precise, it´s possible that it identifies a file as a potential danger, when actually it isn’t. In these cases you can choose the “ignore” option, and the program will skip it in future analyses. Otherwise you’ll be able to definitely eliminate all the threats detected, by simply clicking a button.

Extra XoftSpy SE functions

XoftSpy SE also includes some useful tools to improve your computer’s general performance. For a start, you’ll be able to manage and control all the applications and programs that open when Windows starts up. This will speed up the startup process, and you’ll notice an improvement in the computer’s speed in general, since there will be less programs running needlessly.

You’ll also have a tool to manage and eliminate your Web browser’s add-ons. Thus, you’ll experience an improvement in browsing, and get rid of toolbars and add-ons you don’t need.

It should be noted that, despite the large number of functions it has, XoftSpy SE is very easy to use, since its interface is simple and straightforward. Besides, it includes a very complete help module, with an assistant that will guide you throughall the program’s functions and tasks.

In summary, XoftSpy SE is a tool that will undoubtedly help you improve your computer’s performance in general, getting rid of harmful programs and helping you keep your applications organized. Download it for free!

• Browser add-on manager
• Manager of applications that start with Windows
• Fast and precise analyses
• Easy to use

• Nothing to report

XoftSpy SE limitations:
• Restricted features
• Limited time use
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Type Shareware

Version 7.0.1

Size 4.12 MB

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