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Vista Start Menu

Vista Start Menu is a free software program that allows you to replace the Windows start menu with one that is visually attractive and user-friendly. Functions are easy to see and quick to find. Bright, bold colors and use of hotkeys make log out, shutdown and internet searches much faster. It is also exciting to be able to find a program on your computer without scrolling through them all. Icons make programs easier to find and they will always remain in the same place on the menu no matter how often additional programs are installed or removed from your system. This software works with all versions of Windows, allows the menu to be re-sized and can be configured to appear at any position on your computer screen. This is the seventh version of this application in which several bugs were corrected, including faster loading time. I would highly recommend this software, especially for new computer users who prefer to just point and click.
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Type Freeware

Version 3.84

Size 1.06 kB

Other versions

3.84 3.8 3.71 3.7 3.67