Watch DVDs, DivX files, and listen to audio files with n.player for PC.

n.player is a versatile media player that is easy to customize and is compatible with a wide variety of audio and video files.

First off, this is a program that offers users an extremely customizable and easy-to-use interface. Even before customizing it, the interface is quite pleasing to the eye. Users can choose from various colors and skins as well as two different interface layouts. Each layout is easy to work with but designed differently. The buttons and different features offered are embedded into the interface in a discrete manner that is still accessible. This makes it perfect for any type of desktop, as it blends in no matter what.

n.player supports a wide variety of media files. In terms of video, it supports DirectX codecs and works quite well with DivX 3, 4, and 5. It can also display up to six different types of subtitles for DivX files. DVDs can also be played, and the subtitle settings are automatically adjusted. Any skipping issues on a DVD file are also fixed automatically. Windows are automatically resized and fullscreen playback is guaranteed. Users can zoom, scan, and pan video files as they watch them if they wish.

In terms of audio, any audio CD can be played with this program. The information for the CD can be gathered easily from the Internet, and the CD is automatically downspeeded during playback in order to reduce noise. Any audio file supported by DirectShow codecs is compatible with n.player. This means mp3, wma, divx, avi, and more file formats are all supported.

Download n.player free for PC and experience media files in a whole new way.

• Customizable interface
• Supports DirectX codecs
• Works well with DivX 3, 4, and 5
• Can show up to 6 types of DivX subtitles
• Plays DVD files
• Fixes DVD skipping issues
• Video windows resized automatically
• Fullscreen playback
• Zoom, scan, and pan video files
• CD information gathered from Internet
• CD audio downspeeded automatically
• mp3, wma, divx, avi, and more file formats are all supported

• Doesn’t have as many features as similar programs
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Type Freeware


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