Microsoft Codec Installation Package


Microsoft Codec Installation Package

Codec is a word blended from the two words – Compressor and Decompressor or Coder and Decoder. To be more specific, codec is a computer program or a device used for encoding and decoding signals. Generally, audio signals from analog sources are encoded into digital signals from the transmitting end (or into stored files) and decoded and played back as analog audio signals at the receiving end (or played back from stored files).
Microsoft Codec Installation Package is a software package used for installation of codec programs, which are needed by Windows Media Player to play music and movie files or streams.
This package is also used to rectify problems faced with previously downloaded codec. Network administrators need this program to keep the supports ready for Windows Media Player 7.1, Windows Media Player for Windows-XP and Windows Media Player 9 and 10 with the latest Window Media Audio and Video codecs.
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