Piolet offers you quick and easy sharing and downloading of files such as Mp3 audio files and some other famous formats.
Its features include the traditional chat system and voice, player and several options that may be configured to take advantage of the connection and some other aspects.
Then, if you never stop downloading music through this, Piolet is an interesting option that offers a big number of results in just a short moment of time.
With Piolet you can share and download music no matter what type of connection you use. Downloads come in a non-HTTP optimized mode, utilizing up to 100% of your available speed.
This is a freeware that checks against virus and Spyware and can work well with Win 98 and 2000. Download it now to be benefited with such awesome features!
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Type Freeware

Version 3.1.1

Size 6.51 MB

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