Internet Trace Destructor


Internet Trace Destructor

Improper program removal usually leaves lots of traces that will eventually clog your system. To avoid this, you need a special software like Internet Trace Destructor. This program lets you have a clean and well-maintained PC system. With Internet Trace Destructor, you can instantly remove trace files left after long hours of web surfing. It can also remove cookies, temporary files, client logs and invalid registry entries. What sets Internet Trace Destructor apart from other similar programs is its ability to automatically remove any surfing trace when you have closed the browser.
Trace files still consume space in your hard drive and this leads to poor PC performance. Instead of wasting precious space on your hard drive, why don’t you download Internet Trace Destructor? This program can also hide your IP when you are surfing the web. This feature can be of great aid if you want to be protected against infectious web sites.
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