Naguru is a fighting game with a retro style, in which you’ll have hours of entertainment at your PC.

You’ll be able to choose among four different characters to go through the streets and confront all the enemies that cross your way. Each level will be more exciting than the previous one, with more characters and obstacles to overcome. Finally, in the last level, you’ll have to fight against the final boss that, faithful to the style of classic games of this type, will be bigger and stronger than any of your other rivals.

Naguru captures not only the aesthetics but also the simplicity of the first fighting games. You must use your keyboard to move and attack, bearing in mind that although you only have two attack keys, you can get new and more powerful moves if you make the right combinations.

In short, if what you want is something simple but full of action, this is a small game that will keep you entertained for various hours. Download Naguru for free and defeat all your opponents!

• Simple controls
• Doesn’t use much space
• Doesn’t use a lot of resources
• Intense action

• Action can be repetitive
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Type Freeware

Version 1.0.1

Size 2.77 MB

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