CD/DVD Diagnostic


CD/DVD Diagnostic

CD/DVD Diagnostic gives you the best and most effective way to recover data from and detect deleted files and corrupted discs regardless of the error source. It has the ability to retrieve data from scratched, corrupted, unreadable or even defective CD-R, CD-RW as well as DVD discs.
It simply works by bypassing Windows and the original software to access the lost data file. It can also recover data created by almost all writing software such as Ahead Nero and DLA, Roxio Easy CD Creator and even Sony digital cameras that record directly onto discs, Other PC, Macintosh and audio discs.
Here are some key features of “CD/DVD Diagnostic”:
• It can recover Video from DVD camcorder discs
• It can recover Video from DVD Video Recorder discs
• It has Disk memory and checkpoint and many more!
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Type Shareware

Version 3.0.0 Build 79

Size 3.36 MB

Other versions

3.0.0 Build 79 3.0.0 Build 51 3.0