Super Mario War


Super Mario War

With Super Mario War you can relive all the adventures of your favorite character, now with a new challenge. A new edition of the most famous platform game has arrived.

Forget about rescuing the princess from the grasp of the evil Bowser: in Super Mario War, your objective will be to confront the character itself, but controlled by other users. This platform game has multiplayer support, so you’ll be able to fight against your computer or with several of your friends, each one handling a different “Mario”.

In the combat options you’ll find the possibility to jump on top of your enemies, throw fire balls, and push them down cliffs, among other ingenious ways to assert yourself to become the number one. You can choose between doing this individually and forming a team.

Super Mario War includes multiple scenarios, for example King of the Hill, Capture the flag, Stomp mode, Survival, Get the Chicken, among others. It also includes a tool called Leveditor, to let you edit your own battlefield and customize your experience even more. Both the game’s graphics and its audio are really fantastic, since they are almost 100% identical to the original game, but give it a renewed 2D effect touch.

On the official Super Mario War site you’ll find new music and designs to include in your game. Download this entertaining software now to spend an afternoon of assured fun with your friends.

• Intuitive interface
• Customizable look
• Various game modes
• Large number of levels
• Multiplayer support

• Action can be repetitive
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Type Freeware

Version 1.8 Beta

Size 595 B

Other versions

1.8 Beta 1.6