Tetris Arena


Tetris Arena

Tetris Arena is a version of the classic arcade game Tetris. Although this title doesn’t change the essence of the classic game, it includes some features that are quite attractive.

There are many Tetris versions and modifications on the market. This title stands out by the fact that, instead of changing gameplay, it keeps the original’s simplicity. But it also adds the presence of attractive and colorful graphics, with colorful 3D pieces, and beautiful backgrounds with landscapes and natural environments. Besides, it includes 12 excellent songs that you can choose as background music.

Tetris Arena lets you fully customize your experience. For this purpose it lets you modify from the look and the soundtrack to the sensitivity of the keyboard and mouse controls. It also includes four different modes: “Classic”, “Advanced”, “Special” and “Crazy”, so you’ll never get bored of playing.

• Highly customizable
• Excellent soundtrack
• Attractive graphics
• Various game modes

• Doesn’t add anything revolutionary to the genre

Tetris Arena limitations:
• 50 uses available
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Type Shareware

Version 1.4

Size 169 B

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