Babylon-Pro is a tool to get immediate translations. You’ll be able to input any text and get what you need in a few minutes.

Babylon-Pro automatically recognizes the language you use, since it has a database of more than 75 languages available for its translations. With this application you’ll access dictionaries and encyclopedias that cover a wide range of subjects, categories and topics.

Basically, Babylon-Pro translates any text, from complete Web pages to the conversion of exchange rates, measures and time zones. It includes spell-checking and revision that work together to let your task have an excellent quality and precision.

This great language solutions provider offers a Babylon community that includes native professionals and translators from all over the world, so that you can consult and clear your doubts.

• Multilanguage platform
• Compatibility with portable devices
• Doesn’t use a lot of resources

• Doesn’t allow many manual adjustments

Babylon-Pro limitations:
• 14-day trial
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Type Shareware

Version 10.0.1

Size 706.08 kB

Other versions

10.0.1 9.0.5 (r19) 8.1.0 (r16) 8.0.7 (r7)