TrucoTec 2006


TrucoTec 2006

TrucoTec 2006 is a fun and interesting software game. It is inspired by Truco, which is a popular trick-taking card game played in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Spain, Italy, Uruguay, Southern Chile and Venezuela. This is an excellent mind game that will surely get you engaged in hours of playing to defeat the computer. Using a Spanish deck, it must be pointed that you must use your smartest techniques in order to defeat the PC. In each round, three letters are distributed and according to these you can decide the best strategy to take. To win the game, you need to gain 15 or 30 points. You should bear in your mind that this is a very tricky game. The more you do your tricks, the more it learns your techniques.
TrucoTec is absolutely free so there’s no reason not to download this excellent game. Play this game and start showing off your tricky techniques.
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Type Shareware

Version 4.00

Size 858 B

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