OpenMortal is an original action game based on the well-known Mortal Kombat platform.

With OpenMortal you’ll be able to choose between 16 characters, both male and female. This time, the innovation is that the original characters have been created based on figures of real people, to make their combat moves look much more natural.

You’ll have the option to choose a level and play against your computer, or create multiplayer matches over the local network or online. In OpenMortal the characters will be able to confront each other or choose the team combat option.

Being an open-source software, the program lets you create your own character and upload it to the official site where it can be included definitely into the game. The OpenMortal graphics are not very detailed, but they ensure an excellent gameplay that will keep you entertained for hours.

• Doesn’t use much space
• Doesn’t use a lot of resources
• Multiplayer support
• Controls are easy to use

• Low-quality graphics and sound
• Deficient help module
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Type Freeware

Version openmortal-win32-0.7.1

Size 1.22 kB

Other versions

openmortal-win32-0.7.1 0.7