The Sims 2: Trailer


The Sims 2: Trailer

The virtual reality simulation computer video game that many have come to know and love, The Sims, is available in an even more exciting 2nd Edition! The Sims 2: Trailer is a free download of a video which demonstrates all of the new and thrilling enhancements included in part two of this game. Players continue to carry out various activities of daily life as they create and try to successfully manage the virtual life of the game’s character. Feed your pets, enjoy meals, exercise and even clean your room, if you choose. There are literally too many activities to name. You can also personalize the characters’ dress and environment. The Sims 2: Trailer will play on systems that have Microsoft Windows 98, 2000 and XP installed. After viewing this video, you will want to hurry and download the game software.
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