The Sims 2: University Trailer


The Sims 2: University Trailer

The Sims 2: University Trailer, addition to the popular game: “The Sims”, adds a new life stage to the game. The game will take its characters to the young adult stage in their lives. These stages include choosing up to 11 majors in college that they can study, and after graduation, can choose up to 4 career paths. Each player will have to gain influence points by convincing other Sims to do things for them such as home-works, term papers or cleaning their room. The game also includes joining fraternities or sororities or pulling pranks and working the Sims way through college involves earning money through tutoring and other campus jobs. Exploring University shops, parties and gym session may fill-in after study hour.

The Sims 2: University Trailer is a glimpse of what’s going to happen after high-school as it makes you feel the Sims way of living. Balancing college life and social life is the ultimate goal the game offers.
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