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Mobile Master

Mobile Master is a thirty (30) day shareware administration program that makes managing and synchronizing information between your computer and cell phone a breeze! It supports Nokia, Samsung, Ericsson, Sony, Siemens and Sony-Ericsson phones, just to name a few. Contact information, appointments, ringtones, text messages and photos may be edited with just a click of your mouse. This can be done via series cable, infrared connection (IRDA) or Bluetooth. Even your music can go from ITunes straight to your phone so that you never miss a beat! The most recent version released in April 2009 now has support for Samsung models SGH-E590, SGH-E950 and Sony Ericsson C510. Slight technical glitches have also been corrected. Security is a definite priority as evidenced by password protected profiles. Software is supported by Windows operating systems including 2000, XP and Vista. What’s really fabulous is that all information is backed up to prevent loss should you lose your phone or buy a new one. There truly is something for everyone!
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Type Shareware

Version 8.5.7 Build 3602

Size 22.16 MB

Other versions

8.5.7 Build 3602 8.5.4 Build 3591 8.5.3 Build 3589 8.1.0 Build 3562 8.0.0 Build 3553