Chopper motorcycles screensaver


Chopper motorcycles screensaver

Be amazed with the power on two wheels motorcycles permanently offer you because, due to Chopper motorcycles screensaver you will have within your reach the possibility to see on your computer screen a great variety of beautiful vehicles.

Hear the roaring of engines which will deafen you from the very beginning and enjoy a unique and incomparable collection of choppers, this type of vehicle which has stirred an incredible fanatism among motorcyclists.

Adjust the transition levels of each of the 80 images Chopper motorcycles screensaver offers you.

Enjoy this beautiful compilation of graphic files made with the máximum quality and preserving each detail regarding this type of vehicle, one of the most frequently required in all the world.

Limits of the Demo Version

- Some functions are restricted.
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Type Shareware

Version 3.0

Size 9.98 kB

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