Sudoku Portable


Sudoku Portable

Sudoku Portable is a puzzle game that you can take wherever you want, whether on your iPod, hard disk or CD. This is because the application requires no installation and is very easy to use.

This numeric puzzle entertainment has a simple theme, but with a great mental challenge. It requires a lot of attention, since you’ll have to fill out the missing numbers based on those that are present.

Sudoku Portable presents an interface made up by a 9x9 grid, and it has four difficulty levels: easy, medium, hard and impossible. Each of them can be adjusted according to your skill. The title also offers the possibility of saving games automatically and even an option to see possible game solutions.

• Excellent gameplay
• Requires no installation

• Rudimentary look
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Type Freeware


Size 565.23 kB

Other versions 1.1.7