2M Tetrix Collection


2M Tetrix Collection

2M Tetrix Collection is a collection of videogames of the famous Tetris, in which you’ll find the original title and dozens of similar games.

If you used to spend hours at the arcade game Tetris, it is time that you meet 2M Tetrix Collection. This application has over 30 variations of the popular game: Pentix, Emptix, Colorix and many more. The creators have also designed variations of the original such as Crazy Numerix. Among the fantastic known levels you’ll be able to enjoy special sections or game modes that are different to the original, with exclusive pieces.

Rejoice with 2M Tetrix Collection! You can have fun with an original interface, completely customizable with different colorful graphic skins, new songs or themes that recreate an excellent atmosphere.

Besides, if you are a fan and there are no Tetris challenges that you can’t overcome, it is time to try Quadrinumerix; make rows with 12 blocks of the same color to eliminate the line.

• Customizable look
• Very detailed sceneries
• Large number of levels

• Action can be repetitive, if you are not a fan
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Type Shareware

Version 2.5

Size 7.43 MB

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