Hardwood Solitaire III


Hardwood Solitaire III

Hardwood Solitiare III lets you enjoy your favourite card game with 3D animations. It also features great sound effects and a realistic 3D environment. Enjoy the game amidst the crashing waves in the beach or to the calming sound of a gurgling creek. It features pre-made environments including Ocean, Creek, Thunderstorm and Night time forest.
Hardwood solitaire III also features easy controls. All you need is your mouse to move around your cards. To undo move, just click and drag to the left. Clicking and dragging to the right will re-do a previous move. You can also hover your mouse on a card to obtain hints.
Hardwood Solitaire III requires 3D card hardware. It also runs only on recent versions of Windows starting from Windows 98.
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Type Shareware

Version III

Size 6.08 MB

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