SynchPst for Outlook


SynchPst for Outlook

SynchPst for Outlook is the shortest route to synchronize Outlook data between personal folders. Single or multiple folders, with our without subfolders, can be synchronized quickly and efficiently. You need not go through the complex process of copying and replacing your pst files one by one when you have SynchPst for Outlook.
SynchPst for Outlook supports the synchronization of an Exchange Inbox with a 'Personal Folders' file. Among its key features are:
- Synchronize Outlook routinely among your computers (Professional edition only)
- Share Outlook on two or more machines
- Synchronize Outlook with just a click
- The read/ unread state of e-mails is synchronized.
- Sync Outlook on your notebook with Outlook on your desktop
- Allows you to share Outlook contacts and Outlook calendars with your colleagues
- Synchronize all Outlook items - contacts, mails, notes, appointments and tasks and journal entries
- Synchronizes your whole Outlook and / or only a special subfolder.
This shareware works with Win 98 and 2000 Operating Systems.
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