Cheat Solitaire


Cheat Solitaire

Cheat Solitare, as its name suggests, is a game you can win because you can cheat. This fresh version of the solitaire comes with a series of tricks, so that you can always beat the computer. It has statistics so that you can see the games you have won and the tricks that you have used. Another outstanding characteristic of Cheat Solitare is that you can undo your plays until you’ve reached reach a critical point, while playing the traditional way you’d lose the game.
Adding cheats makes Cheat Solitare more exciting with new strategies to win. It is a different solitare. This version allows you to see and play face down cards; this has unlimited undo and draw; has statistics. Cheat Solitare full size of the download is 0.34 MB.
This is a freeware that works with Win 98 and 2000 OS.
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Type Freeware

Version 1.02

Size 3.02 kB

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