SolveSodoku is a Sudoku strategy guide that covers everything a player needs to know about solving Sudoku puzzles. It is often called as the Sudoku Puzzle Solving Manual. SolveSudoku can be a reference to frequently asked questions on how to solve Sudoku. It provides tips including interesting facts about top Sudoku players. It was made with fast solving strategies that enables player to improve solving ability and be exceptional. Sudoku puzzles require players to fill each row, column and highlighted box with one of each number. Sudoku puzzles come in many difficult levels from easy to expert. A variety of web sites offer free daily Sudoku puzzles of varying levels that you can solve. SolveSudoko provides tips from any puzzle difficulty level from easy, medium, hard and evil puzzles. It also offers classic, monster, kids and squiggly puzzles, mini and mega Sudoku puzzles. Sudoku puzzles are solved by means of just clicking on boxes and entering numbers with a keyboard.
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