Mus 2000


Mus 2000

Do you want to play a different card game? Here's something new for you to play. The MUS 2000 is the best card game of pairs when it comes to the game quality. Mus 2000 was developed based on artificial intelligent systems for quality and more realistic game playing. What makes the Mus 2000 game realistic? The game is simulated so that it appears like the players are real people, they talk while playing, they pass signs to each other, try to learn from their mistakes, and they also fight. There are many scenarios in the game and the music for Mus 2000 can also be heard during the game. Once you've downloaded the software, you won't be needing an Internet connection to play the game because it is basically independent from your connection. Play Mus 2000 and experience card gaming at its best!
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Type Shareware

Version 2007 1.12a

Size 1.6 kB

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