CryptoExpert Professional


CryptoExpert Professional

CryptoExpert Professional is a tool that creates new virtual hard drives that appears to applications like any other physical harddrive. It uses a real-time on-the-fly encryption system to encrypt and decrypt data. It allows users to store files in the encrypted form on virtual hard drive with password authentication. While the unencrypted data will be stored is encrypted instantaneously and then stored. It enables any data that the user attempts to write to this drive is intercepted by CryptoExpert, encrypted, and written to the volume file. Those attempts to read from this volume are also interrupted and the relevant data is read by CryptoExpert from the volume file, decrypted, and presented to the application trying to read the certain data. It is used simply by just right-clicking the protected volume, click Mount Container (CryptoExpert) and enter a password to mount the volume. The protected container will appear to Windows Explorer and all other applications as just another hard disk.
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Type Shareware

Version 2010 7.14

Size 7.75 MB

Other versions

2010 7.14 2008 Professional 7.8.5 2007 7.1.0