Trojan Remover Database Update


Trojan Remover Database Update

By downloading the Trojan Remover Database Update you can manually update the signature database of the internet security software Trojan Remover. So, when you are just updating the signature database and not the program itself the Trojan Remover Database Update comes very handy.
After downloading this database you should close the Trojan Remover program and double click the downloaded file so that the update gets installed and integrated with the Trojan Remover software pack, which was developed when popular anti virus programs failed to provide the protection against the Trojan Horses and Internet Worms. Although most of the Virus/Trojan Scanner programs are able to detect the malicious Trojan Horses and Worms, they are hardly equipped to eliminate the attackers where programs like Trojan Remover is helpful. So, it is extremely important that we keep our Trojan Remover program updated with the latest Trojan Remover Database Update.
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Type Freeware

Version 6.8.2 Build 2596

Size 2.55 kB

Other versions

6.8.2 Build 2596 6.8.1 Build 2594