Aloaha PDF Crypter


Aloaha PDF Crypter

Aloaha PDF Crypter is a PDF utility designed to easily and reliably protect your documents.

The default passwords in PDF documents can be removed easily; therefore, they aren’t an effective way to protect your documents. Besides, they won’t stop their redistribution, so you have no control over how many copies of this information are available.

The advantage of Aloaha PDF Crypter over other encryption methods is that it is easy to use, and doesn’t rely on passwords to carry out its work. Only the owner of the private key can open the document and control the number of owners and authorized persons. Besides, it isn’t possible to redistribute encrypted documents, so you’ll always have complete control over your information.

Aloaha PDF Crypter is the ideal program to protect confidential documents or to control the sale and distribution of e-books or materials online.

• More secure than a simple password
• Controls the distribution of copies
• It is possible to have multiple owners
• Easy to use compared to similar applications

• Nothing to report

Aloaha PDF Crypter limitations:
• Restricted features
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Type Demo

Version 5.0.204

Size 624.68 kB

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