DBF Doctor

DBF Doctor is a must have for all IT Professionals. This easy to use utility lets them restore damaged database files and its contents in a jiffy!
DBF Doctor employs an advanced recovery technology which guarantees good chances of recovering database files and contents. It automatically analyzes header and data structure of the database files, retrieves and restores the damaged sectors with great accuracy. Its user friendly interface also allows both novice and advanced users work manually with the recovery of database files.
There’s absolutely no need for any technical knowledge and experience in using this application.
Not only is DBF Doctor fast and easy to use, it’s also stable and efficient. Since it utilizes minimal system resources, DBF Doctor does not bog down your system and it works silently in the background as you proceed with your other tasks.
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Type Demo

Version 2.5.462

Size 3.32 MB

Other versions

2.5.462 2.0.191 1.68 Build 54