FastPrint is an accurate utility software intended for printing raw print or PRN files in a Windows printer. A PRN file contains instructions for a printer. It tells the printer what to print, which paper tray to use, what the paper size is and a number of other controls. PRN files are usually created automatically by a printer driver which translates the generic output from various Windows applications such as Word or notepad into something the printer can understand and interpret.
FastPrint can easily print raw files, bypassing the printer driver. With this program, you can print files in a super high speed.
Here are some of FastPrint’s amazing features:
• Fast multi-job engine allows running multiple numbers of jobs simultaneously
• Easy-to-use interface
• It is a familiar Windows program without DOS command
• Supports “Direct Printing”
• Send data directly to a printer
• Background printing
• File cache helps to reduce read and write operations of hard disk when printing multiple copies of documents
• Printing can be delayed or suspended automatically
• Multi- language interface
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Type Shareware

Version 1.60 Build 070510

Size 721.82 kB

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1.60 Build 070510