ConceptDraw Pro

ConceptDraw Pro is a graphic editor. This program is especially useful in a work environment, since its main function is to create graphics for conferences, presentations, explanations or simply to make an idea more visible.

ConceptDraw Pro will let you faithfully represent ideas, processes, situations, etc. This is possible because it provides an enormous number of options to represent the types of relationships among different variables and concepts you want to represent.

All the features provided by ConceptDraw Pro are possible thanks to the number of items this program has to offer. To create graphics with this program, you can use different types of frames and arrows (to design reciprocal or one-way relationships, flows, cause-effect, etc.), colors, sizes and many other things located in the different object libraries, as well as the possibility of using a cursor for freehand drawing. It is also worth noting that this program has a wide variety of templates that can be used.

Finally, ConceptDraw Pro lets you create diagrams to organize projects, such as the Gantt chart and others. It is also possible to save the created graphics in a wide variety of different formats, such as PPT, JPG, SVG and others.

• Intuitive interface
• Wide range of options

• Nothing to report

ConceptDraw Pro limitations:
• 30-day trial
• Purchase or registration reminder
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Type Shareware

Version 7.5.0

Size 162 B

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