Comodo Memory Guardian


Comodo Memory Guardian

Comodo Memory Guardian is a buffer overflow detection and protection tool which offers the ultimate defense against one of the most severe and common attack types on the Internet.
In computer security and programming, the term “buffer overflow” or “buffer overrun” is a programming error which may result in a memory access exception and program termination, or in the event of the user being malicious, a possible breach of system security. Buffer overflows may cause a process to crash or produce incorrect results. It may also cause many software vulnerabilities and form the basis of many exploits.
Comodo Memory Guardian has these features to rely on:
- Detection of Buffer Overflows which occur in the STACK memory
- Detection of Buffer Overflows which occur in the HEAP memory
- Detection of ret2libc attacks
- Full 32 bit and 64 bit Support
This is a shareware that is free to download here. This version works well with Windows ME e 2000.
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Type Shareware

Version Beta 1

Size 395.67 kB

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