Desktop Calendar Reminder

Desktop Calendar Reminder is a desktop calendar that is simple, compact and easy to use. It has digital clock, calendar and notes area for every day. Desktop Calendar Reminder helps users to keep track of the days and important events. Though it presents itself as a simple calendar that pops up on the middle of the desktop in a small rectangle, it provides astonishing help. It has a space for writing notes about the day, tabs for the day's notes and for a general area to write non-date-specific notes. It also allows users to customize by changing calendar colors, style, fonts and more to add art for pleasurable views. Desktop Calendar Reminder is basically that calendar on the desktop wherein users could take a glimpse from time to time to check your daily plans. With the availability of text bars, users will be able to program important dates and notes and display them by applying available color and font feature to differentiate and organize them.
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Type Shareware

Version 1.60

Size 479.34 kB

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