Edit photos with vectorization with WinTopo for PC

WinTopo is a great vector design and graphic editor program that is perfect for editing raster images as well as other graphics.

This is essentially a vector extraction tool that works perfectly for JPEG, GIF, PNG, and many other types of image files. The interface is much simpler than the more professional versions, but it’s perfect for users as it is uncluttered and straight forward. The file menu/toolbar/main menu design for the layout makes it easy to use and is perfect for even the most inexperienced users. It has most of the same buttons and features as other more expensive programs, but some of these are inactive.

WinTopo has a very simple way of extracting vectors. It is a two-step process, and consists of thinning, which takes everything out of the image but the pixel lines, and then the actual extraction of the vectors from those pixel lines. Drawing, cropping, and erasing are other functions that can be performed with image files aside from or after vector extraction. All of the finished files can be saved and then opened up again for use in CAD, GIS, and CNC applications.

One feature that is especially useful is the One-Click button. This is a button that processes the image super quickly, and displays the vector lines in green over the original image. Once this tool is used, the image, and the vector image, can be saved in various formats, from PDFs to JPEGs. TWAIN images are especially easy to import using a scanner or some other source, and of course can then be processed and saved in any format just like any other image file. This is the perfect program for someone who wants to extract vectors and edit images without spending any money.

Download WinTopo free for PC and extract vectors and more for free.

• Simple interface
• Two-step vector extraction process
• Drawing, cropping, and erasing tools
• Finished files can be saved for use in CAD, GIS, and CNC applications
• One-Click processing button
• Support for TWAIN files

• Undo button does not work for freeware version
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Type Freeware

Version 1.73

Size 2.49 MB

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