Babylon 7

Babylon 7 is an easy to use translator and reference tool. Unlike other dictionary and translator applications which needs to you to copy and paste text to the program, Babylon 7 runs automatically in the background upon installation. Just highlight the text and use the hot key or access from the right click menu to translate. It automatically identifies the language and gives you the translation right away.
This software has a large database of language dictionaries, glossaries and encyclopedias for over 17 languages. This includes entries from Oxford, Brittanica, Merriam-Webster, Larousse, Vox, Langenscheidt, Pons and Taishukan. It also has a spell check and auto-complete function as well as smart dictionary. Plus, it has results from Wikipedia in 13 languages.
Apart from translation, Babylon 7 also converts currencies, measurements and time zones. Just click on the value and get instant conversions.
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Type Shareware

Version 7.0.3

Size 11.59 MB

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