Internet Accelerator


Internet Accelerator

Internet Accelerator is a tool to speed up your Internet connection in a simple and effective way.

Normally, the browsing speed you get isn’t the maximum your ISP can achieve. This is because the default Windows configurations are not entirely efficient and can’t get a better connection. Though it’s possible to manually adjust these instructions, the changes could affect the computer’s general performance.

Fortunately, Internet Accelerator will solve this problem, since it will improve and optimize the parameters to achieve a greater speed and stability while you browse the Web. With this software you’ll no longer have to wait forever for some pages to load, since the system will automatically speed up all processes.

Besides, the transfer speed will improve, so your downloads will take less time and you’ll see some enhancements when streaming. Undoubtedly, this application will help you increase your productivity and reduce your work time.

Download Internet Accelerator for free and experience your modem’s maximum potential!

• Easy to use
• Improves the transfer speed for files
• Reduces the download time for some Web pages

• Doesn’t allow many manual adjustments

Internet Accelerator limitations:
• Restricted features
• Limited time use
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Type Shareware

Version 1.0

Size 359.63 kB

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