Kaspersky Small Office Security


Kaspersky Small Office Security

Kaspersky Small Office Security is a set of security tools especially designed for a company or office.

Protect your entire work network at the same time

There is no need to mention the importance of a good antivirus to protect your computer from malware and external attacks. However, we should note that when computers are interconnected in a network, the danger is greater, since there is the risk of all the connected computers getting infected.

For this reason, Kaspersky Small Office Security is designed for office and small company networks. Not only provides the best protection, it´s also optimized for this type of networks. For a start, you’ll manage all the computers from a single computer, making it much easier to keep the antivirus updated. Besides, you’ll carry out analysis and configurations from the same computer.

But that’s not all; Kaspersky Small Office Security also lets you remotely manage your employee’s Internet access. From the central server you’ll be able to limit the use of social networks, instant messaging programs and applications or games that are unrelated to work. You’ll also be able to create detailed reports with each computer’s activity to analyze your company’s general performance.

Real-time protection

Kaspersky Small Office Security stays active as a real-time shield that will block any type of malicious code before it gets into the computer. No virus, Trojan, keylogger, worm, spyware or malware will be able to cause the computer any harm, since it will be stopped before it installs. Besides, this application’s bidirectional firewall will protect all computers on the network from any hacker attack.

But that’snot all: Kaspersky Small Office Security will also block dangerous emails or spam from any email client you use. All network users will be able to open their messages, knowing that they don’t represent any danger.

Kaspersky Small Office Security monitors the computer’s activity and, if it finds the slightest sign of a suspicious behavior, it will restrict the specific action to avoid any harm to the computer. That means you’ll always be protected from both known and unknown threats.

Maximum security for all computers

With Kaspersky Small Office Security you’ll be able to carry out periodic analyses to make sure that there is no harmful or infected file. Just like any decent antivirus, this application offers different scan types, depending on the depth you need. The intelligent analysis allows maximum protection, while being as unobtrusive as possible.

Kaspersky Small Office Security bases its analysis in the cloud, therefore it will always take the latest malware signatures into account. Thus, it offers protection against both well-known threats and emerging threats.

It´s very important to keep the antivirus updated, therefore Kaspersky Small Office Security automatically takes care of this task. The program frequently searches for and downloads the latest updates and, being small packages, installs them within minutes.

Your information, safe

Kaspersky Small Office Security doesn’t only detect, remove and block malware. It also offers direct protection for your company’s important files.

For a start, it makes backup copies of your files and folders, which are saved in an encrypted way to avoid access from unauthorized people. Besides, it´s possible to schedule periodic copies, to have them always up-to-date. You’ll be able to protect important information with passwords and restrict access to documents and applications, according to your needs.

Besides, Kaspersky Small Office Security includes a password manager with which you’ll manage and ensure the security of your employees’ passwords, the information to access systems and any type of important information.

But that’snot all. An important part of security is to keep computers free from trash files, cookies and temporary documents. They can all affect the computer’s performance and pose a privacy risk. Kaspersky Small Office Security eliminates all of these files and documents quickly. Besides, in case you have a document with private information, you’ll be able to delete it definitively so that it can’t be recovered by any application.

Finally, Kaspersky Small Office Security lets you create a “rescue CD” with which you’ll restore the computer’s configuration in case the operating system gets damaged.

In summary, Kaspersky Small Office Security includes absolutely all the tools you need to ensure the protection of your office’s computers, and it is optimized to work, with networks. Download it for free!

• Differentiated analysis modes
• Central network management
• Real-time protection
• Backup copies
• Password managements
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