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PDF to Word

PDF documents somehow become useless due the fact that they are un-editable or what we call "read-only" files. If you want to use or edit the contents of a certain PDF file, you need a special software to convert them into a word document. Use PDF to Word so you can quickly and easily convert PDF files into .doc or .rtf files. This is an entirely free program that provides simple and easy-to-follow steps to re-use PDF contents in applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, OpenOffice and WordPerfect.
Step 1: Select PDF file to convert
Step 2: Convert PDF file to.doc or .rtf
Step 3: Convert file and e-mail it to your friends

PDF to word may not generate the same formatting and appearance of the original file but it generates more accurate results than any other similar programs out there, including the most expensive desktop products.
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