Pokie Magic: All Games


Pokie Magic: All Games

Pokie Magic gives you an opportunity to acquire their games at little cost with Pokie Magic: All Games. This software gives you a database of all currently available games from Pokie Magic.
Pokie Magic is responsible for giving you the best games for PC. Among them are Monster Money, Dolphin Dice slots, Kalahari Sun, Pirates Plunder, Egyptian Dreams, 1-4, Hearts Desire and many more. Acquiring these games individually will entail a higher price. But with Pokie Magic: All Games, you can get these games at a discount price.
If you are addicted to the games by Pokie Magic, you’ll surely love Pokie Magic: All Games. And the best part about this software is, it’s for free.
Pokie Magic: All Games operates on Windows systems, particularly Windows 98 and ME.
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Type Shareware

Version Nov22-2009

Size 0.94 GB

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