Chicken Chase


Chicken Chase

Chicken Chase is an arcade game in which you’ll have to be in charge of a farm. You’ll be able to play during various hours through more than 50 levels.

During this adventure you’ll have to solve multiple missions, with the objective of getting the necessary and sufficient money to progress in the improvement of the farm. Some of your tasks involve increasing the number of young, watching over the incubation of eggs, taking care of the animals avoiding theft or attacks from other animals, selling chickens at a good price, among other activities.

Chicken Chase has well-defined characters, different original sounds as well as varied and colorful graphics. Undoubtedly, it is a title that will offer you long periods of fun.

• Multilanguage platform
• Various hours of continuous gameplay
• Attractive soundtrack

• Includes no help module

Chicken Chase limitations:
• Restricted features
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Type Shareware

Version 5.3

Size 9.86 MB

Other versions

5.3 1.0.3